Darth Vader invades Fallout 4. Because why not?

Darth Vader is invading Fallout 4 - may the force be with us all.
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The force is truly unleashed with this new Fallout 4 mod, which has Darth Vader come to wreak havoc on yet another world. 

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Cosmic Contrarian has done it again — they have managed to combine two things we all love, Fallout and Star Wars, by bringing the battlefront to post-apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287. 

These creators have outfitted the soldiers of Fallout with some new “imperial” armor in order to comply with government standards. Darth Vader also comes fully powered in this modification with his force moves and lightsaber — all of which can be configured through the mod list provided below the video’s YouTube location in the description. Nexusmods will get you all setup with your new Star Wars mods.

Vader is not the only one joining in on this fight! With Darth Vader wreaking havoc, how could we not expect Luke Skywalker to get in on it too? Yes, they created a mod that also lets you look like Luke. 

This is an entirely different battlefront for these characters, and I would encourage players to try out these settings or to simply watch the video above and enjoy the battle scene created by Cosmic.

Also, if you do try these out, we here at GameSkinny would love to hear about your experiences! Comment below and share pictures to show us how it went, and what you thought of Cosmic’s work/ who you want to see battle next.



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