Data Shows That Games Are Getting Too Greedy

User spending for mobile games is up while overall spending is down for the video game market.

Superdata has released that user spending for mobile games is up while overall spending is down for the video game market. This was released in their April report for the digital games market in the U.S. Turns out that individual spending on mobile games is above the $12 barrier for the first time.

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With these findings, it’s pretty obvious that games like Candy Crush Saga were apart of the top mobile titles for the period. Other top names include Mobage’s Marvel: War of Heroes and Supercell’s Clash of Clans. These games made a whopping $832 million, although down 5 percent month-over-month.

Other declines in spending include social games and pay-to-play MMOs. Social games saw a decline of 2.7 million monthly active users. Subscription MMOs also saw a drop with roughly 896,000 U.S. players unsubscribing in the past three months. World of Warcraft alone saw a 1.3 million player decline across global markets.

Free-to-play MMOs saw their audience grow to over 45 million in the U.S. Although experiencing a slight decline, MMOs like Infinite Crisis and Gundog: Animal World War are said to grow in the free-to-play market in the future.

Are mobile gamers getting sick of the new greedy lifestyle of mobile games? I know I am. The information shown by this article demonstrates how people are having to pay more for their games, and aren’t too happy about it.

It seems like money is the only way to progress in a mobile game. I’m hoping that mobile game developers get out of this funk and give us great games that don’t require us to spend a fortune in order to play.

“As we reach the end of the console cycle, and the various next-gen contenders are made public, overall games sales are slowing down,” says Superdata. “Much less affected by the console life cycle, downloadable content on the PC was this month’s exception, and grew almost 9 percent to $136 million month-over-month.”

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