Dawn of War 3 Pre-Alpha Footage Leaked

Some early-in-development gameplay footage from Dawn of War 3 got leaked out.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3 Pre-Alpha footage managed to leak out. The original video put out by PC Games Hardware has been made private — but not before fans got to see it and reupload it.

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This installment in Relic’s Dawn of War franchise seems to be reaching back to the first game of the series. Epic, huge battles with masses of infantry slugging it out while heroes or titanic walkers bring cinematic destruction. The cover systems of Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 have been seemingly eschewed in favor of macro army management over micro squad management.

While we can’t get a truly in-depth look at the game’s mechanisms yet, the presence of Gabriel Angelos on the field implies that the heroic commander units of Dawn of War 2 will be making a comeback. At the very least, the campaign will likely be utilizing hero units again, while combining it with the mass combat of Dawn of War 1

Keep in mind that this is all pre-alpha footage, and judgement should be reserved for the finished product. I’m just speculating from what I’ve seen in this video, there’s no concrete details on gameplay nuance. I’ve been a fan of all of Relic’s games personally, and am eager for more information during their E3 presentation today.

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