Days of War Relaunches its Kickstarter Campaign

Developers hope to reach their goals with a more refined approach.

Developers hope to reach their goals with a more refined approach.
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Due to issues with funding, the developers of Days of War — a visually stunning shooter set in World War II — have cancelled their current Kickstarter campaign and relaunched it with more clear and focused goals.

The funding goal has been lowered to $20,000, and ends on April 1.

Lately the funding hasn’t been coming in as quickly as we want, making it uncertain that we will hit our goal.

Some of the initial backer’s rewards have been cancelled due to the change of goals, but developers are confident that this change will create a better product in the end. Their hope is that, with a change of pace and more refined goals in mind, they will launch on Steam Early Access in a timely manner.

Days of War aims to capture the full intensity and scope of World War II. Immersive gameplay and motion-capture animations place the player right in the thick of battle. And with no Harriers, guided missiles, or fancy jump packs, players rely on nothing more than raw skill and hot iron to come out victorious.

With six classes available at launch, a variety of maps and game modes, and promotion of modding support and player-created content, Days of War seems to be on the right track towards becoming a quality competitive game.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter and the goals the developers had laid out here.

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