Dead Cells Rolling onto iOS This Summer, Android Later

Popular action roguelite Dead Cells is rolling onto iOS devices this summer, with Android in tow at a later date.

Dead Cells has pummeled the action roguelite competition on every platform it’s been released on so far, but it’s not done getting ported yet. Developer Motion Twin has partnered with publisher Playdigious to port the game to mobile devices, with iOS first on the list.

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A game so tough needs some adjustments when being shifted from a controller-based environment to a mobile one, meaning Dead Cells is seeing some small changes to help mobile players get up to speed.

The iOS version will have a revamped interface and customizable touch screen buttons, as well as a new auto-hit mode. However, it will also be compatible with MFi controller support, so you will be able to play it on iOS in pretty much the same way as other platforms.

Android users need not fret, though! Playdigious has announced the game will also be making its way to Android devices at a later point in time, though what that time that may be is a mystery.

For those that prefer their mobile games purely paid and lacking in microtransactions, they’ll be happy to hear Dead Cells will not shift to a free to play model on mobile. Instead, it’ll cost a cool $9.99 on iOS, which is at least $10 cheaper than every other platform at the time of writing.

It was only a matter of time before Motion Twin took these last porting steps and brought their critically acclaimed and deliciously unforgiving title to mobile. If you’ve been on the fence all this time and have a mobile-compatible controller, waiting for the iOS or Android release is certainly the most economical option to add Dead Cells to your library.

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