Dead Good! Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack Available November 19th 2013, Plus 10 FREE Tracks!

Get the zombie chills before the game even hits the shelves!

Get the zombie chills before the game even hits the shelves!
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Capcom and Sumthing Else Music Works music will soon be releasing the soundtrack to the upcoming installment of popular zombie bashing franchise, Dead Rising 3. Although the game itself will be exclusive to Xbox One at launch, the soundtrack will be available for everyone from November 19th 2013: before the game even hits the shelves!

Outlets such as Amazon, iTunes, and other music sites will be selling the soundtrack. However, if you purchase the soundtrack directly from Sumthing Else, you’ll be getting an exclusive 99-track version, meaning you’ll get more groaning and brain-munching for your buck.

Creepy, dark, and electro-inspired, although Halloween might be passed it’s never too late for Oleksa Lozowchuk’s chilling original score. Furthermore, a special physical double-CD version will be available to buy from November 26th 2013.

Pre-orders can be made now, but in the meantime, Sumthing Else have made 10 tracks from their expanded version available to download directly from their website for FREE!

To pre-order the exclusive 99-track soundtrack and/or download your 10 FREE tracks now, visit

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