Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Missing Key Features on PC

The list of missing features starts in game with the mysterious exclusion of two stages: Danger Zone, and Crimson...

The list of missing features starts in game with the mysterious exclusion of two stages: Danger Zone, and Crimson...

Earlier this week, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round arrived on Steam. However the PC port seems incomplete in comparison to the console counterparts. Last month the PS4 version of the title failed to list in the PlayStation Sore. Meanwhile, the Xbox One version suffered from crashes and incompatibilities with the MAD Catz’s TE2 fightstick. Adding in the month long PC port delay and it’s easy to see the mounting problems facing the title.

The list of missing features starts in game with the mysterious exclusion of two stages: Danger Zone and Crimson. It was also noted that the PC version seems to have lost The Soft Engine, which is a graphics engine designed to soften character skin according to Koei Tecmo. Add to that the lack of Steam achievements, Steam Cloud support, and keyboard customization, and it seems to be punishing players for choosing to play on PC over console.

Even more baffling was a statement from Team Ninja executives asking PC modders to play “in good moral and manner”. A statement later clarified by producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Yohei Shimbori:

  • We didn’t think that our message to MCV would create so much controversy. Well, let us try to explain what we think about mods. First of all, we really would like you to understand the difference between the contents we create and the contents (mod) users convert from what we created. Like we explained before, we feel it is our obligation to protect our characters, as developers, especially because mods created might take on a life of their own out in places we aren’t aware of.
  • Any modifications or adaptations could greatly alter the current image of the game as well as affect the way the series is perceived in the future.
  • If you feel it’s your choice and right to use the data out of the game freely upon purchase, you might disagree with our message to treat our game, “in a good moral and manner”. However, please take into consideration that contents created by, not only game developers, but also from music composers, film producers, animators etc. should be respected and protected so that they further the longevity of their intellectual properties.
  • Of course, as we have shown in the past, we really appreciate fan art and input. We actually positively welcome such input so long as we feel that it respects our vision and our characters. To prove that, DOA5 Last Round has even implemented a new series of costumes designed by the fans themselves.
  • We feel that a relationship like this, between the developer and their fans, is essential; as is showing one another mutual respect. So, we are not against and are quite open to accepting user generated content. We carefully review all and any ideas we ultimately decide to publish to the world.
  • When we spoke of a “good moral and manner” it was in the hopes that we could find mutual respect with the PC community. The important thing is for players to be able to connect with their enthusiasm and fondness for their game.
  • After MCV released our interview, we have received some comments from PC gamers saying that our message disrespects them or that they perceive it as a pre-emptive action. Please don’t misconstrue our intended meaning. We respect PC gamers very much and it is one of the key reasons we’ve decided to develop and release DOA on PC; because we wanted to extend the DOA experience with this community. We are excited about the amazing possibilities and look forward to what awaits us in the future.
  • Right now, we are focused on finishing the game for its Steam launch on March 30th. We are working very hard to provide an experience that will satisfy our new PC fighters. Please check out DOA5 Last Round when it arrives. Thank you.

Considering the current state of DOA5 on PC, one can’t help but feel the “mutual respect” asked for by Team Ninja begins and ends with the PC users themselves. Although it should be considered that all bugs, and missing features aside; DOA5 could be considered an olive branch into uncharted waters.

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