Dead or Alive 5 Last Round PC Version Loses Soft Engine and Two Stages

Fans are disappointed to learn that the PC version of Dead or Alive 5 demands some pretty hefty system specs, but won't be delivering the full experience that console players are getting.
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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has been out for a couple of weeks now for Xbox One and PS4. At the time of its console launch, there was no release date for the PC/Steam version. Now the release date is upon PC gamers, and there has been some concerns with the Steam/PC verison of the game. 

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Fans have recently learned that some features that are currently in the next gen versions of the game will be removed from the PC version. Most notably, the game will be running on a different engine. (Soft Engine is used in the next gen version of the game to make characters’ skins appear more natural.) The PC version will also be lacking two additional stages: “The Crimson” and “Danger Zone”.

Another issue for fans is the system requirements for the game. They’ve learned that in order to play the game at 1080p, they will need a computer with a Core i7 2600 CPU and 4GB of RAM or more. The recommended video cards are GeForce GTX 760, 660, and 750 Ti. These new system requirements are more demanding than the original list posted on the Steam page for the game.

A big blow to PC gamers is that online play won’t be available for at least three months after launch. Also, gamepads may not be compatible with the game. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be released to PC and Steam on March 30.

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