Dedicated Gamer Earns Lowest Possible Score in Super Mario Bros.

Think it's hard to get the highest possible score? What about the LOWEST?
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See now, this is what I like to see: A twist on the typical challenge. Sure, high-score competitions have been around since the dawn of gaming, but what about a low score contest? No, we’re not talking about golf.

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YouTube user NotEntirelySure has landed the lowest possible score in the NES classic, Super Mario Bros. He scored only 500 points, which is the fewest you can score if you want to complete the game.

How did he do it? Well, it involved avoiding all coins and power-ups, eluding every enemy (stomping even one adds to your score), and waiting until the very last second to lower that flag. Now, I know what you’re thinking–“man, this guy has way too much time on his hands.” Okay, fair enough. But it’s still quite the achievement, especially considering how much skill is required.

Me, I just had difficulty finishing the damn game, and it never once occurred to me to try for the lowest score. Then again, I never cared much about score, anyway.

People still like to master the classics

I think there’s a reason for that. The classics offered a certain stiff challenge you just don’t see today. It always took a ton of practice just to advance a level, and finishing a game was a definite badge of honor. That’s why if you want to really test your skill, you gotta return to the old-school games.

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