Deep Down Delayed So it Won’t Look Like a PS3 Game

Capcom wants to make absolutely sure that Deep Down's graphics are appropriately "next-gen."

Capcom’s Deep Down was one of the first games on display for the PlayStation 4. However, owners of Sony’s new console will have to wait a little longer for the free-to-play adventure.

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According to what producer Kazunori Sigiura told Japanese publication Dengeki Online (as translated by DualShockers), the developers need more time to make Deep Down shine. Despite the brilliance of that tech demo, it seems the actual gameplay graphics aren’t where they need to be. That’s really not what gamers want to see, as Sigiura said:

“Since we don’t want to risk to be told ‘This could have been done on PS3!’ we want to finish a game that fully uses the PS4 hardware specs.”

“Since we don’t want to risk to be told ‘This could have been done on PS3!’ we want to finish a game that fully uses the PS4 hardware specs.”

We can expect more information toward the end of summer, which means we’ll definitely have to wait a while. It’s unfortunate, because we were supposed to see a beta test later this month, and Capcom is already on record saying they want to deliver this new IP “as soon as humanly possible.”

Sorry, just don’t like the F2P idea

While I’m sure it can be done correctly, and the game could end up being tons of fun, I just don’t like the free-to-play business model. I understand the concept, of course, but it just seems…sneaky. It utilizes a similar premise as lottery tickets and apps; “it just costs a buck, so what?” And then, before you know it…

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