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We jump deep into the new deep ocean update that has just been released for

We jump deep into the new deep ocean update that has just been released for

A new update has recently hit, bringing access to the deep sea as an addition to the regular map — on beta servers — via the blobfish or worm. And it brings a whole new mechanic and feeling of exploration to the game.

So What is The Deep Sea?

This update adds a lower depth to the ocean, which gives access to new terrain, new food, and of course, new creatures. These new creatures include the blobfish, an anglerfish, and even a manta.

The anglerfish, along with a few other creatures, are the only ones who can survive in the deep ocean, but will take damage upon leaving the area. Fear not, though, because if you evolve into a deep sea creature whilst in a different environment, you’ll be protected from damage until you arrive there.

This does not mean that you’ll be able to safely eat whilst being immune from attacks. As well as not being able to take/deal damage, you won’t be able to eat any food from any area other than the deep sea.

Just remember at the time of writing this article the deep sea is in beta testing and features are likely to change.

What else is new?

The biggest additions to the game come in the form of two new starting creatures: the blobfish and the worm. There area tone of other additions, but these are the most important. 

The blobfish is an ugly looking fish that thrives in the deepest depths of the ocean, and as such will struggle to survive the higher levels (much like the anglerfish).

The worm adds a brand new mechanic to the game which was previously unexplored — the ability to burrow into the ground. Doing so will make the previously solid ground appear transparent as you venture through it. While you are in the soil, outside fish will not be able to see you unless you type in chat (a big white text box appears).

Another nice touch is the addition of schools of fish in the upper levels of the ocean. Giving the ocean a more realistic feeling.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, is essentially the ocean version of It isn’t exactly the same,  so don’t be too upset if some things are different.


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