Defense Grid 2 Finally in Development, DG: The Awakening on Sale

That earnest excitement from Hidden Path makes it hard to be cynical.

Defense Grid: The Awakening is one of my favorite software-based tower defense games, and Hidden Path’s commitment to keeping the game updated over the past few years has continually surprised me. Fans of the original and Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter backers rejoice: The sequel is finally in development!

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An undisclosed investor hopped on the Defense Grid 2 train after Hidden Path kept their promises to the project’s backers and released the Containment DLC earlier this year.

The latest video update on the Kickstarter page can be viewed by anyone, any in which it promises the sequel will have:

  • Multiplayer
  • User-created levels
  • A Windows, Mac, and Linux release on Steam
  • A more robust storyline in comparison to the original
  • New characters, towers, and aliens
  • A new engine featuring a new rendering system
  • New level types and game modes
  • Loads of community/backer input during the development process

The UserVoice voting on what the community wants to see in the game will be open to backers only up until July 1, after which anyone interested will be able to get involved in the process.

The excitement in their voices during the announcement is infectious! I can’t wait to see what Hidden Path will be able to pull off once Defense Grid 2 is finally released in 2014.

I’ve been playing the original again lately and still feel that even 5 years after its release, it’s one of the best tower defense titles on the market. If you’ve yet to pick it up, Defense Grid: The Awakening and all of the game’s DLC on Steam is 75% until April 29. Definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a cheap game you can sink a lot of time into.

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