Defiance Announces 2nd Season Character Contest

Some lucky Ark Hunter could appear in an upcoming Defiance episode.

Some lucky Ark Hunter could appear in an upcoming Defiance episode.

Syfy and Trion World’s ground-breaking crossover TV series and MMORPG, Defiance, has already been renewed for a second season. New DLC is out, with more on the way and today holds another big announcement.

Part of the attraction about a game that is a television series is how the elements can crossover as characters and elements go freely back and forth. 

And now, another lucky player will have the chance for their character to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Defiance on Syfy.

On the Ark Hunt

The first season’s character contest picked the character who had the most points per hour during a certain time window.

This time, Ark Hunters will be working overtime between July 8 and July 30th. The Top 10 Hunters who complete the most Arkfall events will be the finalists. The winner will be chosen by Facebook page vote in August.

For more details, check out Defiance’s website.

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