Denizens of Stardew Valley Can Now File for Divorce

Regretting your in-game marriage vows? The newest Stardew Valley update has a solution.

Regretting your in-game marriage vows? The newest Stardew Valley update has a solution.
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Version 1.1 of Stardew Valley is here, offering a slew of new features for fans to get excited about – well, except one in particular. The usually-chipper inhabitants of Stardew Valley can now file for divorce at the mayor’s house for a substantial fee of 50,000 gold.

And it gets sadder. Divorces can be performed without the players consulting their partners, but Stardew Valley force players to think on the decision overnight.

If by morning players do not change their minds, the divorce will be finalized and the relationship will effectively be over. By default, players receive custody of any children conceived from the marriage, becoming single parents.

According to the Stardew Valley wiki, separated couples may rejoin in marriage with the help of a friendly neighborhood witch, who will wipe the memories of both individuals regarding their previous marriage and divorce. As of right now, this is the only known method for remarrying a partner.

If the player chooses to remain divorced, the once-happy couples will recognize each other in town and react realistically to each other – displaying signs of regret, sadness, and nostalgia. 

On the bright side, Stardew Valley 1.1 comes with a mess of fun additions and tweaks to liven the experience, including the following:

  • Shane and Emily are now available to marry
  • Spouses now have a unique outdoor area and behavior on the farm
  • You can now choose from five different farm maps at character creation
  • A shed that can be used for storage, decoration, etc.
  • Honey can now be placed in a keg to make mead
  • Buildings can now be moved

To see the full list of updates and instructions, access them right here

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