New challenge dungeon, various quality of life changes, and a new way to meter your damage done.

Desolate Tomb Update Coming to Blade and Soul

New challenge dungeon, various quality of life changes, and a new way to meter your damage done.
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Popular free-to-play MMO action game Blade & Soul is continuing to grow. NCSOFT has announced that the next update is scheduled for release on August 24, 2016. The Desolate Tomb update will feature improvements to major game systems and some balance changes.

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NCSOFT has provided just a few details about what to expect in the upcoming patch, offering only a brief summary of the major features it will be adding or changing.

Desolate Tomb

The first major announcement made is the addition of the new challenge dungeon, Desolate Tomb. The Talus Army has invaded the tomb to study ancient automaton technology developed by the Naryu. The dungeon will be available in both a 4-member and 6-member party version. It is worth noting that in Blade & Soul, generally the smaller a party is the harder the dungeon becomes, but the more rewarding the loot you receive will be.

PvP Improvements

Weekly and Seasonal rewards are being introduced for Blade & Soul‘s 3v3 Tag Match and 6v6 Whirlwind Valley. Additionally, Whirlwind Valley will now see a cap on premade party sizes in order to improve the matchmaking experience. It will no longer be possible to queue for Whirlwind Valley with more than two players at a time.

Weapon Evolution Discount

A key feature of Blade & Soul is the ability to level up and enhance your weapons, evolving them over time and increasing their usefulness in combat. With the next patch all weapon evolution prices, including required materials will be reduced permanently. There will also be new weapon paths to provide even bigger discounts, a welcome boon to reduce the grind time it takes to enhance valuable weapons.

DPS Meter

Finally we have the newest UI feature to be added, a DPS Meter. This will allow you to measure your damage output. This feature will also allow you to monitor and gauge your party members damage output as well. This feature has been present in other MMOs, so it is a welcome addition here in Blade & Soul — which relies much more heavily on how well you perform and understand your attacks and combos than other MMOs.

Blade & Soul is available now for free on Windows.

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