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Destiny 2: Who Won the Crota’s End Raid Race? Answered

The Crota's End World First Raid Race has a winner.

Crota’s End, the reprised Destiny 1 Raid newly added to Destiny 2, has its World First Race winner. And despite what you may think, actually winning a race where you “already know” the Raid is harder than it sounds. So, who won the Crota’s End Raid Race?

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Who Won the Crota’s End Raid Race in Destiny 2? Answered

Bungie makes a point of reworking or completely overhauling each encounter in a returning Raid. Because of that, you have to learn some of it again. Not only that, but once you complete it normally, to truly be crowned World First, you must beat Crota a second time. And you have to do all the encounter challenges along the way. Now, a little over six hours after Crota’s End launched, one team stands tall.

If you’ve followed Destiny 2 World First Raid Races in the past, you probably know the name of the streamer and his team who took the Championship this time around. Saltagreppo and Team Elysium are back for the four-peat, as confirmed by Bungie themselves on X (formally known as Twitter).

That’s right, Salt and his team have claimed the coveted World First Prize for the fourth time, this time in Crota’s End. Their previous wins were the reprised King’s Fall, the Witch Queen Raid Vow of the Diciple, and the reprised Vault of Glass Raid.

Team Elysium had some trouble with Root of Nightmares at the beginning of the Lightfall year. However, that’s the only light stain on their otherwise stellar record. There was some dramatic tension for Crota’s End, though. The second place team finished their Raid just a minute after Salt’s team did.

What made this year’s race so special was how much Bungie updated Crota’s End to account for our Guardian’s increased abilities. You can’t sword skate across the bridge encounter anymore. Instead, you have to juggle the Chalice of Light or die. There were heavy damage checks at both the Deathsinger and Crota encounters. Dealing damage to Crota was a bit different this time around, too, as you need the Expunged buff to get a proper DPS phase in the books.

Players have until September 3 at 1:00 p.m. EST to complete their Contest Mode completion and claim their free Nechrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle. Once that time passes, the Raid becomes much less difficult, and a much larger pool of players is bound to try their hand at taking down the Son of Oryx. For more on Destiny 2, check out our guides hub.

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