Destiny: E3 demo does not disappoint!

Destiny gameplay footage revealed at Sony's E3 conference.

Destiny gameplay footage revealed at Sony's E3 conference.
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 I’ve been Destiny with extreme interest since hearing about the game, and subsequently have been waiting impatiently all day for the Playstation 4 press event at E3. Today Bungie releases new footage for Destiny. So, I’m sitting here in my room kicking back countless Mt. Dews in order to be ready and alert for the reveal.

 What we know going into E3

 Destiny will be available to both Playstation and Xbox consumers, and will be both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 compatible. We also know that the game is a first person shooter, set in a post-apocalyptic future. Destiny takes place in world where a devastating attack, that threatens the fate of mankind, is miraculously thwarted by a gigantic sphere called The Traveler. From my understanding, most of the technology that makes up the weapons and armor in the game come from the remains of The Traveler. The world is said to be a living world, always evolving and changing to make things interesting for the players. There will also be cooperative and competitive game play.

What we want to see

Going into E3, most of us are hoping to see more footage. We want to see examples of the competitive play that has kept us coming back to Bungie’s previous titles (like the Halo series). We want to see if the game is comprised of open world competition or if it’s more a matchmaking style. I personally am hoping it is open world pvp like an MMO instead of taking on the style of Halo or Call of Duty. We also want to see more about the weapons and armor of the game, to get a taste of the gear we’ll be using to kill our enemies. All the anticipation is leading up to a 9pm EST gameplay reveal for Destiny during the Playstation 4 E3 live stream.

What we actually saw

Everything said and done, Bungie and Activision did not disappoint. We didn’t get the competitive footage I was hoping for, but we got amazing gameplay footage. They showed how teams can all join public events like an MMO. They also showed a customizable weapon system, within the individual guns. The battle and world graphics are spectacular. This game is everything I’ve been hoping for! I can’t wait to see more in the future.

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