Destiny: Lots of Details Out After E3!

Bungie's "Destiny" surpasses expectations. Release set for 2014.

Now, I’m sure almost everyone interested in the game has seen the Sony E3 Press Conference, and seen both the trailer and ~15 minute gameplay footage that came directly out of that event. If not, I’ve linked it right below:

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But, in addition to all of this fantastic visuals, there have been a few surprises. First of which, the Bungie website has been updated to include a good bit of brand new information; screenshots, lore, class specifications, enemies, etc.

Also, if you watched very closely in the game-play video, at around 7:30, you’ll notice two very interesting things, a hint at what “Glimmer” is (currency), and that the way the control was being moved seemed a little weird- it seemed almost like the screen was being moved via touch-screen.

Third, and most importantly, public events. Being able to join up with a bunch of people, very seemlessly, and immediately start fighting large bosses, huge waves, and other fun MMO-esque features.

I’m not a console guy, but Destiny feels like a game that I’d split a purchase on a console with a friend to play. Everything looks fantastic, and it directly appeals to the MMO-gamer inside of me. I can’t wait to try this game out.

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