Destiny: The Taken King gameplay launch trailer

Destiny's Taken King new content coming September 15th.
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Bungie, the studio behind Destiny has revealed a new trailer for The Taken King. The trailer shows of a lot of the new content that will be coming to us on September 15th. Taken King will feature 2 new strikes, 5 story missions, a new raid, and a whole new area to explore, the Dreadnaught.

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So far, Bungie has only shown one of the strikes called Shield Brothers. If you would like to see the new strike you can find it on Bungie’s Twitch channel. 

If you bought the Dark Below DLC for Destiny, then you already know that the main raid boss is Oryx’s son, Crota. Oryx is obviously pissed that you killed his son is now coming for you, and he has brought an entirely new breed of enemies. The Taken are reskinned version of the original enemies in Destiny, but what’s special about these guys are that they operate a lot differently than the normal enemies do.

Fleshing out the world

With this new edition to the Destiny franchise, we will be getting a lot more content. As you can see in the trailer, there will be new subclasses for each of the characters and new exotic weapons are coming to replace the old ones. Even though some exotics will make it in year two, such as Red Death, Suros Regime, and The Last Word. Additionally, Destiny will now have cutscenes at the ends of the story missions to hopefully help flesh out the story that has been lacking so far.

As for the story, the missions have been said to take about 6-7 hours to beat. If you explore around the Dreadnaught, you can use your ghost to scan objects around you to tell even more story about what the objects represent in-game. Kind of like the grimoire cards on Bungie’s website except you don’t have to leave your game to know what’s happening.

The crucible will also be getting some major updates. When Taken King comes out, Bungie will be pushing a new patch. This patch will hopefully fix a lot of the problems that are going on in the crucible now. Hand cannons are being nerfed while auto rifles are getting a boost as well as pulse rifles and scout rifles. To fix the obvious Thorn, Last Word problem. So now you might stand a chance if you’re just starting out when Taken King comes out.

It looks like Bungie has learned much from the past year of Destiny and will be making significant improvements to the game.

If you’re as excited as I am for Taken King leave a comment down below and check back for more Destiny content at GameSkinny.

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