Free motes of light and strange coins! And a new emblem to boot! Woo! *sigh*

Destiny’s New Year loot… At least it’s something, right?

Free motes of light and strange coins! And a new emblem to boot! Woo! *sigh*

Do I sound bitter? Yes. I’m allowed to be as a long-time Destiny player. 

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Personal feelings aside, Bungie is throwing a few freebies towards Destiny players to jump start the new year.  

Players can expect to find 15 Motes of Light and 15 Strange Coins (used to level up items and buy stuff from Xûr respectively) when they open their gift at the Tower’s Postmaster today. Nothing special for veteran players although new ones will find some of these attractive, especially seeing as Strange Coins are now a bit harder to come by with the Taken King expansion. 

Additionally, players logging in between the 7th and 10th of January will receive an exclusive emblem if they complete a playable activity. 

Do these rewards sound tempting? Pretty sure a lot of the Destiny veterans would answer negatively. If you have no wish to boot up the game right now for a simple emblem but do want to claim the Strange Coins (perhaps the only item of any value), don’t worry about rushing to log in.

Your Postmaster will hang on to them until the 12th of February. 

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