Bungie gives a sneak peak at the new Tower in The Taken King - Complete with VAULT SPACE!

Details on The Taken King and VAULT SPACE

Bungie gives a sneak peak at the new Tower in The Taken King - Complete with VAULT SPACE!

Bungie released a slew of information on Destiny‘s newest expansion, The Taken King, during a Twitch stream on August 19th, 2015. DeeJ, joined by Tyson Green and Mark Noseworthy, took us on a tour around the new Tower.

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Fielding questions from a live studio audience as well as the internet via Cosmo, the trio gave us a quick and comprehensive rundown of some of the new systems we can expect to see in The Taken King.


  • Your Ghost will now store your Quests and Bounties, holding up to 32 Quests and 16 Bounties at one time.
  • Your Ghost will also allow you to turn in bounties right from the menu.
  • Collections have been added: Specific storage for Emblems, Shaders, Ships, and Ghosts. Any collectible found will be stored in the appropriate collection; the collection will also show what you are missing.
  • Single Mark currency: Legendary Marks. All Vanguard and Crucible Marks will become Legendary Marks, which are account wide.
  • Exotic Blueprints allows you access to all Year 1 and Year 2 exotics collected. You can also see which ones you are missing.
  • You can ‘print copies’ of Year 1 exotics for a shard and some glimmer; copies of Year 2 exotics cost Legendary Marks.
  • Only some Year 1 exotics will carry over to Year 2 – those Year 2 exotics will be automatically obtainable through Exotic Blueprints if the player has the base Year 1 model.

  • The Speaker will sell new class items and ghost shells, each with a set of perks.
  • The Cryptarch will sell Legendary Engrams for Legendary Marks.
  • The Weaponsmith will have a reputation, and at certain reputation ranks you can place an order for a legendary weapon that will be delivered the following Wednesday.
  • Legendary and Exotic Items can be ‘infused’; items with more power/defense but worse perks can be consumed to buff the power/defense on a lower item with better perks.
  • The perks that make Exotics special will now be baseline – no more need to unlock them.
  • Dismantling new Legendaries will have a chance to give back Legendary Marks as well as Weapon/Armor parts.

  • You will select which reputation you’re representing by talking to the quartermaster.
  • You can change reputations once a week.
  • Reputations will carry over from Year 1.
  • The Weaponmaster will now have a reputation, which will earn you the right to place more Foundry orders as you gain in ranks.
  • Reputation quartermasters allow you to trade in crafting materials, motes of light, and ammo syntheses for reputation.
  • Reputation gear requires Legendary Marks to purchase.

That about wraps up this reveal; stay tuned next week, Bungie will be running the Dreadnaught Strike against the Cabal on August 26th, 2015 at 11am PDT, and the following Wednesday, September 2nd, they will be discussing the Court of Oryx.

Wait. What?

Oh yes.


72 weapon slots. 72 armor slots. 36 general slots. The ability to store unused exotic armor via the Exotic Blueprint system. Collections for Ships, Shaders, Emblems, and more.


I’ll bet we manage to fill it up within the first month. If you’d like to take me up on that wager, or have any other comments or question, ask below!

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