Detective Pikachu Returns Trailer Reveals That More Mysteries are Afoot

Prepare to solve the case with Detective Pikachu Returns.

The June 2023 Nintendo Direct was packed with Pokemon. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLCs had a gameplay showcase, and Detective Pikachu Returns was announced with a new trailer. Featuring the coffee-loving Detective Pikachu and his partner Tim Goodman, the trailer shows the case-solving duo tackling mysteries in Ryme City amidst Friendship Week. Detective Pikachu Returns will release on October 6, and this is what we know about the game.

Detective Pikachu Returns takes place in Ryme City, where Pokemon and people live happily side by side. It’s got quaint shops, a Slowpoke fountain filled with Magikarp, rustic brick buildings, and a live band stage. It’s the start of Friendship Week in Ryme City when we run into Pikachu, sporting his iconic Detective Hat. Mysteries are afoot in the city, and it’s up to you and Detective Pikachu to solve them.

Video via Nintendo

If you didn’t think the cases were serious enough, Mewtwo shows up, stating there’s something you must know. Of course, he doesn’t elaborate further, as exclamations of his prescience cut his speech short. It seems that something bigger is happening in Ryme City aside from Friendship Week. Other Pokemon around Ryme City will also help out, including a cowboy-hat-wearing Slowpoke, Whimsicott, Growlithe, Mimikyu, and more.

The case is afoot with the new Detective Pikachu Returns, so fill up your coffee cup and get ready to search for clues starting October 6. Stay tuned for more news as further details are released.

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