Deus Ex: The Fall of a series!

IOS is still not ready for exclusive big titles!

IOS is still not ready for exclusive big titles!

Deus Ex: The Fall has been announced by Square Enix, which would be an amazing episode in the series for fans, had they not decided to release it as an IOS exclusive.

The game will be following on from the book Icarus, which means that it will probably have some key story elements, which is a seriously bad idea as not everyone owns an IOS device.

One of the points that they announced was that they were making the game easier; this means that for people who like some of the challenging features will be left with a casual game. Also, the previous games in the series offer you a real in depth world where you can play over and over again and still get a different outcome, whereas this game will probably be a straight up linear third person shooter which will, in a lot of cases, be played for half an hour before being put to one side.

Although I appreciate the mobile gaming market, I don’t feel it has the fan base or technology required to support some of the big franchises which core gamers love. I won’t be playing this as the only IOS device I own is a second generation iPod Touch which will not even run some of the less requiring games available. I just hope that Square Enix comes out and says that it is in fact a spin off game, which will not have any story which is required for any games following this one.

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