Deus Ex: The Fall

Are You Ready For The Fall?
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This morning Eidos Montreal tweeted a little hint for us as to the new Deus Ex title.

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A few months ago we saw that Eidos registered several domain names under the title Deus Ex: The Fall. Now we have semi-official confirmation via a tweet from Eidos Montreal.

The Deus Ex series has been great since the first title, and I loved Human Revolution even more. The Deus Ex series is a sort of cyber-punk RPG, with a mix of shooting and stealth and a little exploration for good measure. In the original you play as United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Agent JC Denton in the fight against terrorists as he uncovers a conspiracy. In Human Revolution you play as Adam Jensen, a security director who gets caught up in human enhancement after most of his body has to be replaced.

Both titles were amazing and hopefully we will get a more detailed look at the third at E3. I personally can’t wait for the next Deus Ex; are you ready for the fall?

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