Mass Effect Andromeda looks like it will be a huge step up from Mass Effect 3!

Developer Chris Wynn teases information about Mass Effect: Andromeda through Twitter

Mass Effect Andromeda looks like it will be a huge step up from Mass Effect 3!

Little has been leaked about Mass Effect: Andromeda since its short but sweet announcement a couple months ago. But Senior Developer Director Chris Wynn has been answering questions on Twitter these past few days, teasing information about the game.

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Still, little is known for now. The first thing we can be sure about is that although the game still seems to be in the beginning stages of developement, Chris Wynn confirms it is still planned to be released for Holiday 2016. The casting for voice actors for the story dialogue has been carried out, and everything is going “according to plan”, says Wynn. 

As for the universe, Chris Wynn has given a clue as to how big the map will be.

Bioware had announced a new engine for Mass Effect: Andromeda, probably one able to house this “really big” galaxy. Wynn admits that, although the game will have a similar “feel” to Mass Effect 3, it will have “new elements” which will give it a more “dynamic” gameplay. 

Let’s play together

And the big news remains (drumroll, please)… Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature co-op multiplayer! This feature was very well received in Mass Effect 3, so it makes sense that it would be transferred into this new game. Maybe it’ll even have new elements added on to it, wouldn’t that be great? 

Unfortunately, though, for those of you who had fallen in love with the characters of the Mass Effect trilogy, none of them will be returning in Mass Effect: Andromeda. One of the reasons as to why is because the trilogy took place in our galaxy, the Milky Way, whereas this new game is set in a different galaxy – Andromeda. 

Just to wrap this up with a reminder, just as Chris Wynn said, the game should hold up to its release date end of 2016 for the holidays. It will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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