Indie company talks about their celebrated fantasy title and teases what's to come in game's future.

Developer Fatshark Celebrates 500,000 copies sold of Warhammer: Vermintide and announces new difficulty.

Indie company talks about their celebrated fantasy title and teases what's to come in game's future.

Today, Swedish indie developer Fatshark celebrated the success of their newest game, Warhammer: Vermintide by announcing that they have sold over 500,000 copies for PC. 

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Taking place during The End Times era of the Warhammer fantasy series, Warhammer: Vermintide follows four adventurers who are brought to the city of Ubersreik for various reasons. Upon their arrival, they discover the city has been overrun with the humanoid rat-monsters known as Skaven. What follows is a Left4Dead style fantasy first-person shooter with magic, swordplay, and arrows.

Martin Wahlund, the CEO of Fatshark released a statement today, discussing his pleasure at the game’s reception.

“We’re really happy with the sales so far. We reached half a million copies much faster than we estimated. As a small studio, this really is an amazing milestone for us. The office is a hive of excitement…We are overwhelmed but the positive response from both players and critics alike…this has given us the extra drive to continue providing exciting and engaging content so that everyone can continue to enjoy the game long into the future.”

The promise for additional content follows true to promises that the company had made early in the game’s development regarding making additions to the series. Considering the success of this title, those promises seem much more likely to happen. 

Earlier this morning, Warhammer:Vermintide also received a minor patch addressing some bug fixes and balancing for their new game mode Last Stand. The patch references tweaks and optimizations being made to the game for console release, and teases new levels, enemies, weapons and other exciting content. Also announced was the new game difficulty mode, “Death Wish”.

Some people would consider this to be an April Fool’s joke, others would see it for what it truly is, a promise of things to come.

So far, the series has seen three DLC releases, including two free updates, and the aforementioned Last Stand mode as a purchasable in-game map. The press update promises additional content available May 2016.

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