Developer Shows Off Powerstar Golf For The Xbox One

Not all the upcoming Xbox One titles will be available in stores but will be made available through digital purchase instead.

Not all the upcoming Xbox One titles will be available in stores but will be made available through digital purchase instead.
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Today is November 6, 2013 and that means we are fast approaching the release of the next-gen consoles.  The Playstation 4 will be hitting the shelves on November 15th, and the Xbox One will follow a week later on November 22nd. The anticipation is growing!  In just a few short weeks, gamers will be able to get their hands on the new consoles, and game companies are hard at work showcasing their launch titles.

One such company is Zoë Mode, as they are developing Powerstar Golf as an upcoming Xbox One launch title.  Powerstar Golf is being published by Microsoft Studios, and the game will be made available on November 22nd as a digital-only title.  

The part that has people excited is that Powerstar Golf looks similar to games such as Hot Shots Golf in that the game has a cartoon-inspired look.  However, the game looks to differentiate itself from other golf games by adding in different RPG elements so players can customize their game to their liking.  Not to mention that each character is unique in their style-of-play, and they each have their own special ability.

The Xbox One launch title lists has 21 different games, and many will be full price ‘AAA’ titles, but Powerstar Golf will be one of the few that costs considerably less.  No official price has been released yet, but players can expect to pay around $19.99 for the game–but the price could actually be lower than that!

The real question will be whether or not Powerstar Golf will be overlooked for the big-name launch titles like Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5 or Ryse: Son of Rome.  Many of these larger releases have gotten more publicity than Powerstar Golf, but this could be a nice addition to someone’s Xbox One library on November 22nd.

Update: If you are interested in Powerstar Golf then click here to read my full review of the game.  The game might not show off the technical ability of the Xbox One but it is still fun, and a game that I have been enjoying since the launch day.

So, are you excited for Powerstar Golf, or is it a game that you would let pass by the wayside?  Personally, I am a fan of golf games whether they are realistic or cartoony, so I picked the game up during the launch weekend and have yet to be disappointed.

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