Diablo 3 Auction House Returns, Ill-Got Money Going to Charity

No rollbacks for Diablo 3 players today!
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After being taken down earlier this week due to a gold-duping exploit, the Diablo 3 auction house has been brought back up for those of you itching to make some gold.

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The bug was an unfortunate side effect to patch 1.08, in which users could place items on the auction house and immediately cancel them to receive double the amount the items were listed for. Blizzard took notice after trillions of gold suddenly burst into the game’s economy within 24 hours, after which they closed the auction house to give themselves time for a fix.

Blizzard Production Director John Hight issued a long letter to the community on the official forums, stating that the gold was being tracked down and removed from the economy. He also mentions that instead of rolling back all players, only the 415 who really took advantage of the exploit will be seeing bans or rollbacks.

A happy ending.

Making the best out of a bad situation, Hight promises that all proceeds from auctions carried out by the guilty players will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. While this disruption of service this may have been inconvenient for Diablo 3 players, it definitely could have been worse.

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