Diablo 3 for PS3 has a sweet pre-order incentive!

Diablo 3 for PS3 grants a sweet pre-order bonus: The Infernal Helm.
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Pre-order bonuses? How dare you!

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Today, Blizzard opened the pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo 3 at select retailers. The console release of the action RPG will be retailing for $59.99. This PS3 version of the game will come with a handy bonus for those who pre-order: The Infernal Helm.

This helm, which looks badass, will give you a “gain bonus XP” stat. How much of a boost? We don’t actually know. Check it out, modeled on a monk, here.

Is this a big deal? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEEEEL

There is always a great deal of drama when there are pre-order bonuses for games. A pre-order bonus is supposed to be an incentive, something small and cool for those dedicated enough to buy the game on Day 1. The best kind of pre-order bonuses are purely aesthetic. Aesthetic bonuses are cool and make you stick out as a “TRUE FAN,” but ultimately don’t change the gameplay. At its worst, a pre-order bonus can be game breaking. The bonus from Dead Space 3 was two guns that were way too powerful and made the game all too easy.

Really though, an XP boost isn’t terrible. Diablo 3 actually has XP boost items and armors already in the game. In-game items are meant to give bonuses to what are called “adventure stats,” which are utility stats. These will give bonus experience points per kill, a bonus to gold found on monsters, and even bonus chances to find magical items in-game. Hardly game breaking at all.

Besides, I am willing to bet money (real money) that you’ll out-level that helm within few hours played. That’s just how Diablo 3 works!

It plays great on PS3

I got to play a bit of the PS3 version of Diablo 3 at PAX East, and it was pretty awesome. I’ve got it for PC and I helped beta test it for Mac, so I’ve my fair fill of Diablo 3 – I don’t actually own a PS3 myself. On PS3 you can easily dodge roll and the controller feels great to play with. Combat feels natural and is customizable since you can easily remap skill bindings to your liking. Even the menu screens, which were a bit worrisome, work great on a controller by bringing up circular menus for you to scroll through via analogue stick. If you were thinking of getting this for PS3, I say you definitely should! We already know the game is good, it’s been out for a year already after all and there are plenty of reviews out there. 

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