Diablo 3 PS3 Gameplay

Diablo 3 hits PS3 later this year and the gameplay looks sweet!

Diablo 3 hits PS3 later this year and the gameplay looks sweet!

The video above starts off with Josh Mosqueira, game director, explaining what Diablo 3 is, in case PS3 players haven’t been keeping tabs on the game. He points out that one of the unique features on console is “same stream co-op”. For this he called out some people that worked on the game. You can play as five classes, just like the PC version.

The Look 

It looks as though they took a lot of thought into changing it to fit the console. Every skill has been tweaked to work great on console. They added in dodging so that it feels like it was made from the ground up on console. The interface looks great. Very clutter-free and seems to have been optimized for console players.


Looting is one of the core reasons people play Diablo 3. They’ve made a few changes to the inventory interface. It’s a wheel looking thing that you move with the right analog stick. There are thirteen categories and trillions of possible items. The middle section appears when you want to learn more about a selected item. You can use the d-pad to quickly look at items that you pick up and equip them or not without pausing the action on the screen.


You can have up to four people on one system. It keeps the camera tight on everyone in the group as best as it can and it looks like it’s doing a great job. Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard. They all look like great roles and mixing and matching combinations look really cool. You can have three people on one screen, and one online, or any combination of online and on console that you want, with up to four people in a group. You have higher chances of getting better loot and are put up against tougher enemies.

Nephelim Glory

A yellow item will occasionally drop that gives a speed-up to the entire group. It lasts for 60 seconds but by picking up more you can keep it going. This is meant to keep the gameplay more interesting throughout the rest of the game.

PS3 Items

They added in some PS3 specialty items. They have a scarf from Journey and Drake’s amulet from Uncharted. They also added in some lore-specific items for PS3 players. These are Leoric’s gauntlets, which summon a skeleton, some red wings and Lia’s ring, which they promise is sweet and will mean a lot to players.

From the video it looks like a great edition to the PS3/4 console lineup. They did a great job of showing off some cool features and I can’t wait to kick some Diablo butt when it comes out in September, 2013.


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