Diablo 3’s Mad King Leoric and Monk enter the Nexus

Diablo III's Butcher, Monk, and King Leoric all get showcased on the new Eternal Conflict map for Heroes of the Storm.

Fifteen days after its original launch date, and two weeks after the Diablo III Crusader was released, Blizzard has officially made public a new trailer that shows off two new heroes entering the Nexus: the Diablo III Monk, and the Skeleton King Leoric. But that is not all…

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The new cinematic trailer provides us with some footage of the highly anticipated “Eternal Conflict” map inspired by Diablo III‘s Act IV, as well as a quick glimpse of another hero expected to be released soon: the Butcher.

Leoric has been in the files for some time, and so some more “dedicated” players have been able to get access to him and show off his abilities, such as the little clip below.

I am excited to see more Diablo heroes coming into the fray, and it seems as though we will not have to wait long for even more.

Kotaku author Yannick LeJacq points out in the below image that Diablo II‘s Amazon makes a cameo appearance in the trailer.

While Yannick admits that this may actually be nothing more than a skin for the already existing Starcraft II hero Nova, I will not be disappointed in either case.

As for the “Eternal Conflict” map, this seems like a step in the right direction for Heroes of the Storm. There are many little details added to the map in the trailer footage such as Treasure Goblins, Angels, and Demons. The battling Archangel and Archdemon look amazing, fighting in the same way that players of Diablo III have come to expect from the higher beings. It just looks visually amazing.

In my earlier review of the game, one of my criticisms were the lack of Blizzard themed stages, and so hopefully the “Eternal Conflict” map will give us hope for many to come. Maybe we can do battle in an infested Korhal or on the plains of Aiur next time?

Until then this will have to do. As a constantly updating MOBA, Heroes of the Storm has plenty of time for improvement, and with any luck this Blizzard MOBA will become one of the top competitors in no time. 

Source: The Eternal Conflict – Heroes of the Storm

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