Diablos 20th Anniversary celebration in World of Warcraft is live!

Diablos 20th Anniversary in WoW – Kill Them Before They Escape!

Diablos 20th Anniversary celebration in World of Warcraft is live!
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World of Warcraft is now ready to celebrate the Diablo 20th anniversary, the event is live on all NA and EU Realms and it will only last until January 11th.

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The Diablo series grabbed the attention of a really big crowd during all those years, even today, it’s common to see someone who has been playing it since the start of the first game of the series.

To celebrate the loyalty of those who have been playing since the beginning or those (like me) who started catching up later. Blizzard released special in-game events and other surprises in Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft! 

 In World of Warcraft, players will be able to get the 20th anniversary achievement and items for completing the event.

To get the achievement, players must grab Twelve-String Guitar toys dropped bythe Cow King in the Secret Cow Realm.

You will want to head to the Broken Isles, in Legion dungeons of any difficulty or in the Dalaran Sewers and look for a Treasure Goblin. They will attempt to escape, so you must kill them before they finish casting the escape portal (it takes 5 seconds to cast). The Goblins have lots of HP so remember to go with friends.

When you kill them, they will drop the portal needed to enter the new realm, but remember that you can only loot the Cow King once per day so remember to do it daily until you get what you want. It’s a fun event that needs a bit of patience, but also be careful in the Cow area as it’s a PvP zone.

For both World of Warcraft and Diablo fans this is an amazing event which will give you some daily fun while you look for your desired event reward. Remember, the event will be up only until January 11th, 2017, so hurry up and get your rewards.

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