Did Nintendo go overboard? Employee fired for appearing on podcast

A Nintendo employee was let go due to comments he had made on a podcast episode.

A Nintendo employee was let go due to comments he had made on a podcast episode.

Chris Pranger, who worked in Nintendo’s Treehouse localization group, appeared on the Part-Time Gamers podcast earlier this month where his comments garnered some attention on websites such as Nintendo Life and NeoGAF’s forum.

Pranger wrote on his Twitter page this morning that he had been fired from Nintendo, which does closely guard their secrets and controls messaging, after the podcast appearance. On Facebook, Pranger wrote he “was terminated this week due to a podcast appearance I made last Monday. It was a stupid judgment call on my part and ultimately it cost me far more than I could have imagined.”

Nintendo was reached out for comment by Polygon in which a Nintendo rep had to say “no comment on this topic other than we wish Chris Pranger luck in his future endeavours.”

Pranger had mainly made comments that, depending on how you see it, were not at all too demeaning or belittling Nintendo. He did express his frustration about the company not bringing some games over to the western audience.

Did Nintendo go overboard, or were they just doing their job?




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