Did somebody say FISH PHYSICS? New Shadow Warrior Trailer

Well this is a new one?

Well this is a new one?

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, somebody somewhere makes another first person shooter and cranks the insanity therein up to eleven.

I know they say its hard out here for a new FPS to stand out, and that especially goes in the time of the Call Of Duties and Halos which are thriving and in abundance. So how exactly did the Flying Wild Hogs (Don’t you love development team names?) separate their game Shadow Warrior from the pack?

So you went around and shot a few things in some other games huh? Felt special? You shouldn’t have. Know why? Because your FPS doesn’t have ADVANCED FISH PHYSICS. Therefore your point is now invalid. And yes it is exactly what it sounds like.. somehow.

Peep the trailer for gratuitous rabbit sex (Wait what?), laser guided trolling, destructible bicycles, excessive fireworks and ‘stylish nostagia’. I did not even make that up.

Shadow Warrior is a remake of the 1997 shoot-n-slice, and will be coming to a PC near you on Sept. 26.

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