Did Starbucks Just Leak a Big Pokemon Go Update?

Starbucks and Niantic are teaming up to give players more in-game and out!

Starbucks and Niantic are teaming up to give players more in-game and out!

All Pokémon Go players are used to seeing cafes, restaurants and other places to eat pop up as PokéStops but in a recent leaked staff memo, it would appear that the majority US-based Starbucks coffee shops are going to become either gyms or PokéStops in an update due to appear at the end of this week. Not only that but a new Pokémon Go frappuccino is going to be hitting the high street – a regular vanilla frappuccino which has been “evolved with raspberry syrup and blackberries”.

The following images have been leaked and detail not only the gym and PokéStop information but also to a new beverage which will be released in line with the update.

New update incoming!

Pokémon Go Frappuccino? Nice!

Everything a Starbucks barista needs to know!

It would appear that Starbucks have caught onto the fact that other businesses are making use of becoming a PokéStop and have decided to team up with developers Niantic to bring players / customers a little bit extra in-game and out.

Recently it has also been speculated that Gen 2 Pokémon will be going the game anytime soon so could this Starbucks update also include the next 100 Pokémon to catch? As stated in the leaked information above, this update largely affects the US so it could be that Gen 2 is going to be released first in the US.


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