Digimon Adventure Anime Reboot Gets First English Trailer

Digimon Adventure is back for a brand-new anime series.

The Digimon story first begun in 1999 might be coming to an end with Digimon Adventure: Last Adventure Evolution this summer, but that doesn’t mean the end of everything. The very first Digimon anime, Digimon Adventure, is getting remade for a new age, and Toei just released the first English trailer for it.

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Digimon Adventure 2020 is billed as a completely new take on the classic Digimon story. It still stars Tai and Agumon, of course. But it adopts a different approach to the digital world and our connection with it, “now that the Digital World and real world are closer to each other than ever before” reads Toei’s description.

We don’t get to see much else in the trailer, other than learning the network went wild, and the DigiDestined have to save the world. Since the DigiDestined are involved, we can more than likely expect to see Tai’s friends like Matt, T.K., and Kari as well.

Digimon Adventure airs in April in Japan. Since the English trailer was released shortly after the Japanese one, hopefully we’ll see the English dub soon after it launches in Japan too.

Between the new Digimon anime, the new Digimon movie, and Digimon Survive, 2020 is set to be a full year for the series.

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