Digimon Linkz is coming to mobile

The latest Digimon goes mobile with Digimon Linkz.

The latest Digimon goes mobile with Digimon Linkz.

Digimon fans living in Japan will be happy to know that a new Digimon game is coming out for smartphones later this year and it looks amazing!

Not bad for a smartphone game

Digimon Linkz is an upcoming mobile game for iOS and Andriod later this year. It will involve a more traditional playstyle for the series going back to its Digimon raising roots. Players will have a wide variety of digimon to choose from and will be able to battle with them. It is unclear if the game will have multiplayer or not.

The major selling point of the gam is that it will feature high-end graphics. Much higher than anything seen on the smartphone (except for maybe Mobius Final Fantasy).

The game is set for release sometime in the fall and is only available in Japan. In addition to this, another new Digimon game titled, Digimon World: Next Order has been announced for the PlayStation Vita in the latest issue of V-Jump Magazine. Not much is known about the game but the developers plan to release more information as the game draws closerr to release.

What do you gusy think? Excited? Not really? Think it will come to the west? Let me know in the comments below!

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