Disgaea 4 Complete+ Announced, Out this Fall on PS4 and Switch

Disgaea 4 gets the remake treatment and launches later this year on PS4 and Switch, featuring all previous DLC , modern upgrades, plus plenty of new content to boot.
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Nippon Ichi Software America (NISA) kicked E3 off with a bang today by announcing another Disgaea remake, this time of Disgaea 4 in the form of Disgaea 4 Complete+.

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The game will include all existing content from the base Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten and its DLC packages, plus several new features as well (hence the + in the title). That DLC includes more than 30 unlockable characters, extra story campaigns, and some additional modern touches to smooth out the experience. One new feature is a social sharing option, though what it entails hasn’t been revealed yet.

The game is currently set for a Fall 2019 release date on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with no word on whether it’ll come to PC.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ will come in two different versions: the “Promise of Sardines” Day One Edition and the special “HL-Raising” Limited Edition.

The Promise of Sardines edition comes with the game for PS4 or Switch with reversible cover, the “shiny motivational bookmark for Prinnies in Training” in the form of — what else? — a large sardine, and the special Valvatorez Cam-Pain poster.

Disgaea 4 Complete+‘s HL-Raising edition includes all of that along with a special collector’s box, official hardcover art book, and “The Unforgotten Melodies” soundtrack.

Currently, only the HL-Raising edition is up for pre-order on the NISA online store, for $64.99 both on Switch and PS4; the Promise of Sardines edition is “coming soon.”

Disgaea 4 follows former vampire tyrant Valvatorez’s attempts to overthrow the Corrupternment government and restore what he views as order to the Netherworld. The game features one of the series’ zaniest casts as well, from werewolves to robots, failed bosses, and everything in between, not to mention the characteristically chaotic tactical combat and, of course, the option to level up all the way to 9,999.

Those who are interested can get a first look at the game in action this evening at 8 pm EST/5pm PST when NISA streams it live on its Twitch channel.

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