Disney Announces Tiny Death Star… Oh Boy!

Disney Interactive is making a spin-off of Tiny Tower.

Disney Interactive is making a spin-off of Tiny Tower.

Oh no. Here it goes. I knew it would happen but I didn’t know it would be this quick. It seems that whenever Disney gets its hands on anything, the company milks it for everything that it’s worth. I imagine a room full of black suit, white collar execs listening to overlord Mickey Mouse saying, “Oh Boy! Take every penny they have, HA HA!”

Don’t believe me?

Disney Interactive just announced that they are working on a new mobile game called Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, a spin-off of the incredibly popular Tiny Tower game. Here is a bit of the cover art:

Now I know that this game will probably be fun and may even be entertaining. Heck, I might even enjoy it! What worries me however is that this may be just the beginning of a long thread of games that Disney will shove in the consumers’ faces and at some point, probably by the end of next year, we will have so much Star Wars stuff that we will be begging to escape the shovelware. Disney will milk Star Wars like it did with Hannah Montana, and I think all of us don’t want to see that to happen.

It will be an 8-bit style game so that’s cool I guess, but should we encourage Disney to make this type of content rather than PC or console games?  Comment below!

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