Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Mobile RPG Announced for Japan

Square Enix and Team Ninja announce a new mobile entry to the Dissidia franchise, featuring new characters and gameplay

Square Enix and Team Ninja have partnered up to unveil their latest entry to the Dissidia franchise, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaDissidia Final Fantasy — a well known spin-off crossover series for the popular Final Fantasy titles — has primarily focused on the fighting game genre. The most recent entry is an arcade exclusive in Japan…for now. Opera Omnia looks to break out of that mold, returning to the Final Fantasy series roots of turn based RPG combat.

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Opera Omnia will feature an expanded cast of characters over previous entries in the series. It will also make use of many elements of the Dissidia fighting games, such as Brave values increasing your damage, the wall rush mechanic, and creating combos using multiple characters. The battle system appears to be identical to the one found in Final Fantasy X, called Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB). There has also been mention of a gacha based lottery system, though no particular details have arisen as to what you’d be attempting to win through the gacha.

Scheduled to release sometime before the end of this year, Opera Omnia is currently accepting pre-registration for the the game. The game will be available on iOS and Android, with no word on a western release quite yet. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy or Dissidia keep your eyes on this title.

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