Divekick Dives in Feet First onto the PSN

PSN gets blessed with the pinnacle of the fighting game genre Divekick.

PSN gets blessed with the pinnacle of the fighting game genre Divekick.
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Over the weekend, a poster named Matsugo shared their thoughts on the hilarious fighting game Divekick. Well, apparently, this game with a novel concept is now making its way over to the Playstation Network.

What started off as a joke game, created by Capcom’s Iron Galaxy (Darkstalkers Resurrection, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins) quickly turned into a game that seems like it has some potential to be at least mildly competitive.

In most fighting games, you have a complex cast of characters that have a wide variety of basic moves, specials, and usually supers or ultras. This causes a great variety in gameplay, but it often comes at the cost of balance.

Divekick solves this problem by making it a game about one move. As Matsugo noted in the PAX writeup, there is a bit of variety between character’s stats, as well as the kinds of divekicks you can pull off with the two buttons. Ultimately, though, this simple system will most likely lack major balance issues.

Divekick doesn’t seem like it will end up at EVO in a serious light any time soon, but it definitely promises to be an interesting experience. It will be released towards the end of summer on the PSN.

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