Stronghold: Warlords' co op multiplayer divides the burden of maintaining a global empire between you and a friend.

Divide the Spoils — and Responsibilities — in Stronghold: Warlords Co Op Multiplayer

Stronghold: Warlords' co op multiplayer divides the burden of maintaining a global empire between you and a friend.

Stronghold: Warlords‘ multiplayer is breaking the mold a bit with a new co op mode that lets players team up to dominate the world. Firefly Studios showed Stronghold: Warlords‘ co op mode off in a lengthy new gameplay video and shared some insight.

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Most RTS and civ-building games with multiplayer pit empires and friends against each other. Stronghold: Warlords does plenty of that in deathmatch mode, but co op lets players share resources and strategy together.

Firefly’s Marketing Director Nick Tannahill said:

Stronghold is already a complex game for newcomers, with the mix of economic city building, castle simulation and real-time strategy.

Introducing co op means that one player can handle base building, while the other leads their forces into battle or prepares their defences for an incoming siege. 

Co op is a chance for experienced players to share their knowledge and help newcomers ease into Warlords‘ many systems, but beyond that, it’s a way to divide tasks and increase efficiency in combat and management.

One player can stoke the home fires and handle diplomacy or economics, for example, and the other can wage global warfare and bring the nations under their thumb.

Firefly delayed Stronghold: Warlords so it would release with multiplayer, and that includes the newly announced co-op mode. Stronghold: Warlords releases March 9 for PC via Steam, and if our earlier hands-on experience and glimpse at new classes are anything to go by, it’ll be worth the wait.

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