As a bonus, Pokemon Bank is free for a limited time.

Do the Poke-Shuffle: Pokemon Home Out Now

As a bonus, Pokemon Bank is free for a limited time.
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Pokemon Home, successor to the Pokemon storage and moving app Pokemon Bank, is officially available for download on Nintendo Switch, the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

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We previously detailed the workings and methods of Pokemon Home, but here’s a refresher because last week was a long time ago.

Pokemon Home lets you shuffle your ‘mon between linked games, including Pokemon GO, Pokemon Let’s GO!, and Pokemon Sword and Shield. It also lets you transfer from Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon can be moved from the Bank app, but not back to it, and the same goes for Pokemon you’re moving around from any supported game that isn’t Pokemon Sword and Shield. Home also gives you access to various trade methods and rooms to link up with other trainers, but many of these are locked behind subscription walls.

From February 11 until March 12, Pokemon Bank and the Pokemon Transporter are being offered for free, as an encouragement to migrate your older monsters from the 3DS games to Home, no strings attached.

While you’re doing that, don’t forget about Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s new mythical Pokemon coming at the end of the month. But if you’re itching for something new to do in Sword and Shield right now, hit up the Pokemon Dens in the Wild Area for a chance to nab a Gigantamax Toxitricity or ten.

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