Does Ninja Theory ‘Fight Back’ With Upcoming Mobile Game?

"First they took the city. Then they took his sister. They picked on the wrong guy..."

"First they took the city. Then they took his sister. They picked on the wrong guy..."

Devil May Cry, Enslaved, and Heavenly Sword. These three titles all have one thing in common: Ninja Theory. They have another thing in common, too; they all did not produce the kind of sales expected of them. Running out of throwing stars, Ninja Theory has decided to try their luck pairing up with EA’s Chillingo to create the mobile game Fight Back.

A far cry from the other titles above, Fight Back is more like going back to amateur status after being the main event on a fight card. Nevertheless, their game is going to be free-to-play, and this might entice would be critics to at least give Ninja Theory a fighting chance. Everything about Fight Back’s “beat ’em up” style screams retro 80’s bad movie, but in a way you almost love to make fun of.

From their title logo to their opening plot narrative, Fight Back won’t be keeping you on the edge of your seat, but it did win LAPTOP Mag’s “Best of E3 2013 Best Mobile Game”.

The game is currently made for iOS and Android. Your job is to save your sister by kicking, punching, and shooting your way through waves and waves of thugs. You can accomplish this by using swipes and taps. Think Fruit Ninja meets Double Dragon. You can also collect clothing and tattoos which will improve your character’s abilities. 

If endless, awesome, mind-numbing schooling of bad guys isn’t the only thing that gets your gaming on, then you might like to note the game employs the use of a timer for every mission. Strategy is needed when planning out the best way to bring the fight back (yes, I just went there). 

So, it might not be a first round knockout, but Fight Back definitely appears to be able to hold its own.

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