Don’t Starve Gets Multiplayer Mode in Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve receives multiplayer version this summer.

Don't Starve receives multiplayer version this summer.

Don’t Starve is an interesting little title that has become increasingly popular since its release last year. This summer, fans of the survival roguelike can play with friends in the free expansion, Don’t Starve Together.

Klei Entertainment has always held that Don’t Starve would never focus its resources on a multiplayer feature until the single-player mode was absolutely perfect. They wanted to provide the best single-player experience possible, and were not willing to sacrifice that for the sake of playing with friends.

According to the Klei Entertainment forums, 

As we developed Don’t Starve, multiplayer slowly turned into a hot button issue in the community. Ok, let’s face it… it was always a hot button issue. A lot of people have voiced their feelings that multiplayer would be perfect in Don’t Starve. However, at the time we didn’t have the resources to make it happen and we weren’t confident that it would actually work both in concept and implementation.

Well, apparently they now have a great deal of confidence in a multiplayer experience.

Don’t Starve Together will allow for four players (friends or total strangers) to try and survive in public or private games. It will have most of the features that the single-player version has, but a more balanced version of them. It may also introduce new features later on.

The expansion will release on Steam and in the Standalone version this summer; those who already own the game will receive it for free, while new purchasers will have to cough up $19.99 for both versions.

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