It's officially confirmed: Doomfist enters the fray.

Doomfist Officially Arrives in Overwatch

It's officially confirmed: Doomfist enters the fray.
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Following the huge teaser from July 4th, Blizzard officially confirmed today that the long-anticipated Doomfist will be the next hero to join the Overwatch roster of heroes. Available now in Overwatch‘s public test realms, Doomfist will be the game’s 25th playable hero, and 4th to be released post-launch. 

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Players got their first true glimpse of Doomfist in an animated short, in which the new hero’s backstory was finally elaborated upon. A leader of Talon and powerful fighter, Doomfist clashed with Overwatch many years ago before being defeated by Winston and put behind bars. Now freed, he seeks to make humankind more powerful through conflict.

In terms of gameplay, Doomfist is very much a front-line brawler. The offense-oriented hero is capable of leaping forward and smashing the ground around him to bring enemies closer with Meteor Smash, forcing players into the air a la Rising Uppercut, and knocking enemies backwards with Rocket Punch. Additionally, he generates temporary shields for himself when dealing damage from his abilities and can fire shotgun-like blasts from his gauntlet. His ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, sees him leaping high into the air before crashing downwards, dealing significant area damage.

Doomfist’s official reveal puts an end to months of speculation regarding the enigmatic hero. The Doomfist character has been referenced since before the game’s launch, with multiple allusions to the character present in the game’s maps and lore. He is currently available for play in the game’s public test realm and will see a full release on both PC and consoles sometime in the coming weeks.

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