Doomsday Confirmed Playable in Injustice

Doomsday has been confirmed as playable in Injustice.

Doomsday has been confirmed as playable in Injustice.

While waiting for the results of the quarterfinals of Injustice: Gods Among Us’ battle arena series of gameplay trailers, NetherRealm Studios decided it would be a good time to reveal yet another playable character.  This one has a rather ominous history in the DC universe.  Doomsday is playable.

For those not fully in the know, Doomsday has the distinction of having fought Superman to a draw, one that ended in both himself and the Man of Steel dead, in his first appearance.  Naturally both of them returned, Doomsday having reappeared on multiple occasions.  He is described as being as strong as Superman, as fast as Flash, and in various appearances displayed an ability to adapt and create new capabilities on the fly to deal with specific threats.

As for how he actually plays in-game?  A single word description would be brutal.  The Superman Slayer has multiple grabs, including an air grab, that send his opponent flying in various directions.  Also shown was a diving attack in the air, a ground pound, and combos that advance across the stage as they progress through various blows.

Doomsday can also do a short-range shoulder-dash that displays a minor theme throughout many of his moves.  It gives him a bit of armor, making it extremely hard to stop if he actually gets close enough to use it.  Many of the moves he uses, especially his throws, apply at least a limited armor, meaning that once he starts one of his combos he is going to be very difficult to knock out of it.

His finisher is honestly a bit goofy, for all that it perfectly epitomizes the raw brutality Doomsday espouses.  He slams his foe into the ground and then starts pummeling them, literally punching them down through the entire planet and back again.

Overall Doomsday looks to be an extremely aggressive character in Injustice, wanting to get in his opponent’s face and stay there.  I’m looking forward to seeing how he turns out competitively in the final product.


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