Doomtown Reloaded: Election Day Slaughter First Half Spoiled!

The entire pack has been spoiled due to a shipping error. Read ahead only if you want to see all the cards.

Mistakes were made. The Election Day Slaughter pack was shipped to retailers weeks earlier than its proper release date, Feb. 16th, and those retailers went ahead and sold the packs. So the whole pack has been spoiled! If you want to see the entire pack, keep scrolling. If you want to be surprised by a few cards when you open the pack, keep to my official spoiler articles for Election Day Slaughter. The Second half of the pack is here!


The Quaterman is the first dude that is a gadget and non-unique. This means if you have four copies in your deck, they can all be on the table at the same time. He is easy to build with a difficulty 5. He gives you a dude that can't be booted or moved by card effects and can't have his bullets modified except by cards he carries. The Quaterman with a flame-thrower might become one of the most dangerous dudes in town. Your flame-thrower can hand out bullet bonuses, but your opponent can't bring them back down. While he can't use cards to move quickly around town, it's most likely citizens of Gomorra will stay out of his way.

The Evidence

The Evidence fits right in with the 8's that Law Dogs like to use. It can be reused to drop the bounty on one of your dudes to zero, or it can be aced to drop 2 bounty on a dude instantly. The B&B Attorneys can deal with an increase of 1 bounty a turn, but not 2. When the Law Dogs get a new outfit card in Faith and Fear, they will likely be in need of new ways to make their opponents wanted. The Evidence will also be an easy way for the Sloane Gang to get bounties on their dudes quickly at the start of the game.

Philip Swinford

Experienced dudes have come to Reloaded in this pack, and it represents the characters changing in the story line. You can choose to play with both versions of the card if you wish and there are rules for replacing a dude already on the table. +

Philip has a few subtle changes his influence goes up to 2, his cost and upkeep go up by 1. The best part is the small change in his trait. You now draw the extra card first and then discard. This keeps you from discarding a useful card only to draw something you can't use.


Summoning is a spell that can start a job if successful. The job is similar to recruitment drive, but it allows the player to play an Abomination from their hand for 6 less Ghost Rock. An early success with Summoning could mean the Ghostly Gun or Ivor Hawley can be in play early without being in the starting posse. It also has the side effect of awarding the Abomination a control point.

Warning: This is the last of the official spoilers. If you want to be surprised, go no further!

Drew Beauman

Drew is the Mad Scientist that many players have been waiting for. He can invent without having to boot. It requires your opponent to cheat when you don't, but the benefits are well worth it when you can bring flame-throwers and Holy Wheel Guns into play during lowball or a shootout. Since he only has one influence he could be a good scientist to splash into other science decks.

Angela Payne

Angela is another dude who doesn't work for a specific faction. She is still a stud with one influence and is similar to Clint Ramsey except she has no upkeep cost. She also has the ability to take money when she is at a location you don't own. Right now that fits nicely with other cards such as Lula Morgan, This is a Holdup, and Extortion that also take Ghost Rock when you're at a deed you don't own.

Teleportation Device

Now any location can be a Railroad Station. It functions much like the Auto-Cattle Feeder. You build it and then it can attach to a deed you control. The only thing that makes this weaker than the Railroad Station is that it is experimental, meaning there is a chance for failure. When you use it, you have to make a pull. If the pull is a club, the dude is discarded instead of moved. Right now, it still has limited value, but it can be a surprise against an opponent who thinks you are out of moves, only to build the teleporter to move one more time.

Arvid Mardh

Arvid is a strong 3-stud shooter for the Morgan Cattle Company. His ability is a little odd, but you can make a free trade when he enters play. It doesn't have to be at his location, but you can invent a flame-thrower, then bring Arvid into play and move it to him immediately. This should speed up some Mad Science builds if you are just trying to get strong shooters on the table.

Ridden Down

Decks built around horses haven't been that predominant yet, but after Ridden Down, they will be. This card adds to the advantages you will have when you are equipped with horses and your opponent is not. Even the lowly Roan can see some use with this card. Between this and Ride 'Em Down, you'll have several options to boot your opponents dudes and send them home. You'll have full run of the town when everyone else is booted. Fresh Horses would even be useful to get your horse back after using Ridden Down.

Milt Clemons

Milt is another dude that wants to be wanted. Each and every time you make his bounty go up, you earn a Ghost Rock. If you use him in a Kidnappin', you'll earn one from the Kidnappin' card and another if the job is at an opponents private deed. He will also be able to make a net profit from another card in the pack, The Evidence.

Tail Between Yer Legs

Sometimes forming a posse is entirely determined by what your opponent brings to the fight. With Tail Between Yer Legs, you'll have the option to start a fight and see what they bring first. Then, the dude you called out gets -2 bullets. Since the higher values don't have many bullet reductions, this is a welcome opportunity to get to see your opponents posse first and apply a -2 to a dude in the shootout.

But Wait, There's More!

The second slideshow will include ways to make a dude a huckster, a dude worth 4 casualties, and a job with the packs namesake.