Doomtown Reloaded: Election Day Slaughter Second Half Spoiled!

Here is the second half of the entire Election Day Slaughter Pack set to be released on Feb 16
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Warning: Spoilers Inside!

The Election Day Slaughter saddlebag was released in some regions far earlier than it should have been so there are already images of all the cards in the pack. If you want to be surprised by any of the cards, don't read forward. If you want to see everything, check out the first half of the pack here.

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Election Day Slaughter

Election Day Slaughter is a new job that gives everyone a chance to participate in the town square. However, if they don't or they lose, they will have to ace one of their dudes in town. This is a great card for players that start out aggressive, giving them an opportunity to take out opposing dudes early. Anyone playing Raising Hell or Dr. Emanuel Ashbel could rest knowing their dudes could be coming back into play.

Mayfair Family Deck

If you felt there was a shortage of hucksters out there for factions that weren't the Fourth Ring, there is now a fix for that. Adding to the list of mystical items, the Family Deck gives someone the huckster skill. It's a pretty easy item for the Faithful Hound to chew on, but being able to create a huckster in any faction and enjoy all the powerful spells available should outweigh that chance.

Dr. Arden Gillman

Morgan Cattle Company gets another mad scientist with a shootout action. Arden has the same effect as the spell Soul Blast. The only difference is, if Arden pulls a spade (dude) or a joker, he suffers the same fate as his target. This doesn't seem that strong because of the downsides, but if you consider Dr. Emanuel Ashbel can save him from an ace or he can carry a Doyle's Hoyle as backup for when you get a bad pull, Dr. Arden can be a pretty safe bet.


Puppet is probably the most powerful spell to date and still only costs 2 Ghost Rock. Its only real downside is the 4 value it has meaning it will fail not only its own pull but most of the other spells in the game as well. The upside is that it can take control of an opponents dude until after the sundown phase.This means you can take their influence to cause them to lose the game or take Allie away from the Sloane Gang to win using their control points. It has to be at the same location, so playing against this spell, you will want to try to kill the huckster or get away from his location as quick as possible.

Smiling Tom

Smiling Tom is the first huckster to go over a natural 2 in a skill. With his skill of 4, there will be few spells he will fail. His downside is the fact that a Fourth Ring dude has to tell him where to go. This will likely mean Tom can't be used to run around town grabbing deeds since you will always need a dude at the location he is trying to move to. This trait might just give new light to Secret Tunnel, allow you to move one dude, then take the free Noon action to move Tom in right behind.

This card wins my vote for best art in the set.

The Mayor's Office

The office is another deed like Yan Li's Tailoring that can modify the influence of a dude. While it is limited to the same or adjacent location, it can also reduce or raise the influence. It can be used defensively or offensively. It also adds to the list of government deeds with high control points.

Hunter Protections

The Protections doesn't have a control point on its own, but as a noon action, your can give your dude a control point and 2 bounty. The Sloane gang will find this location to be incredibly helpful.

The Brute

The Brute is a cheap casualty dude for the Fourth Ring. He is also an abomination that can be brought back with Raising Hell. His Trait allows him to count absorb four casualties in a fight if he is aced to take casualties. He will allow the Fourth Ring to survive more fights and he can be brought back multiple times.

Allie Hensman

Allie has given up her deception as a quiet, observant citizen to become a dude with a good job. Her job can take Ghost Rock from the marks controller based on his influence if the job succeeds. If the marks owner won't pay up, the mark is discarded. It's similar to having a ready made Kidnappin' available. Until now, the Law Dogs are the only Outfit that have had access to dudes with jobs.

Jake Smiley

Jake may not seem like much, but he counts as 2 influence during the Sundown phase. He only costs 2 for any faction and adds a strong boost to your influence. Expect to frequently see Jake in starting posses for his easy influence.

That's All, Dudes!

Expect Election Day Slaughter in your area on Feb. 16th if you haven't received it already and then Faith and Fear will release on April 6th. If you didn't see the first part of the pack, check it out here!

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