Dota 2 and LoL: How They’re Alike, How They’re Different, and Why They Hate Each Other

Dota 2 or League of Legends? Is there a difference? Well lets find out....

Since the release of Dota 2 into a public Beta, the feud between League of Legends and Dota 2 has been an endless fight with no clear end. Some Players claim that Dota 2 and Lol vary only slightly in difference, yet others claim that they have NO relation at all and snort in disgust at such a preposterous thought. But is there really a difference?

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League of Legends fountain(Left)              Dota 2 Fountain (Right)

The most obvious of differences is not in-game play but instead in the graphics of each game.

League of Legends graphics radiate a more cartoon, less serious and easy to handle relaxed tone to the game, achieved through the wonderful art of cell shading.

Dota 2 has a much duller feel, compared to the graphics of League despite the similar use of colour. On the metaphorical brighter side Dota 2 adds a serious manor to the game play, and although it moves slowly compared to the fast pace of League, I felt the player requires more attention to even have a minor successful game in a Pub match.

One of Dota 2‘s Picking System (Above)

League of Legends’ champion buying system (Below)

The second difference easily noticed is the difference in the hero or Champion system.

In Dota 2 the player is immediately presented with 100+ heroes to choose from, which can be a little daunting for a new player but becomes necessary as they  becomes more experienced. In League of Legends the player is presented with a small pool of champions upon beginning who are then later expected to BUY other Champions they may or may NOT like. To counteract this, the Team of Riot games has a system of Trial heroes each week that the player can try and then buy if they so desire. 

Dota 2: 1        League of Legends:0

Dota Shop system (Above)

LoL Shop system (Below)

A point that League of Legends has over Dota 2 is the shop system.

Although each shop slightly differs in design, one still tops the other through sheer convenience.

Although the sort system in Dota 2 does have categories, these cover a far to large amount of items, which can be frightening to new players, but fortunately Valve was kind enough to invent the “Suggested item’s” box attached to the shop for that “Noob Friendly” feel to the game.

Yet despite Valves best efforts this is where League of Legends tops Dota 2. The shop in League has a far better sharpened and convenient category system compared to that of Dota 2. The shop contains such categories as “Boots”, “Magic Resist”, ‘Health Regen” , “Damage” Life steal”etc.. all sub headings under their Adult categories of Defence, Attack, Magic, Movement and Consumables, which just make the finding of items all that much easier to players so as to get us quickly back into the action without spending too much time back at the shop.

Dota 2: 1        League of Legends:1


         Dota 2 Siege Creeps (Above)               Dota 2 Melee and Ranged Creeps(Above)

         LoL Siege Minions(Below)                      LoL Melee and Caster Minions(Below)

Minions in League of Legends, Creeps in Dota.

This difference in name along with appearance is the only thing they don’t have in common, although the creep/minions waves differ slightly.

Dota 2 creep waves consist of three melee creeps and one ranged creep spawning every 30 seconds with a siege creep spawning every seventh wave. All creeps’ stats increase every 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

This is much the same set up for League of Legends with a slight variation being three Melee Minions and three caster Minions, spawning every 30 seconds and Siege minions spawn every 3 waves instead of every seventh wave. The stat increase occurs every 3 minutes, half the time it takes in Dota 2.

Roshan (Dota 2)                                       Baron Nashor (League of Legends)

Health:7500 (+500 every 5 minutes)    Health:8800 (+150 every minute)

DPS:65-65  (+10 every 5 minutes)        DPS:460

Attack Speed:1 second                          Attack Speed:0.208 seconds

One of the biggest differences in the game is what we could call “The Boss” Neutral on each game, both are optional and each rewards the slayer with a well-deserved gift.

In Dota the team that manages to successfully defeat the hulking behemoth that is Roshan will be generously rewarded with 200+ Gold for each individual team member and anywhere between 105-600 experiences for the person lucky enough to get the last hit. Alongside what already is a well-deserved gift Roshan will always drop the Aegis of the Immortal, allowing the lucky holder to respawn on the spot almost instantly upon death.

The rewards reaped from Baron Nashor are slightly different. Baron, upon death, will grant each Team member with 900 experience points and 300 gold, but instead of dropping a powerful item he will grant each Champion on the all mighty Team that brought down the enormous sea monster a buff that drastically increases attack damage, ability power , and health and mana regeneration instead.

So far mentioned are only  slight differences,well thats about to change…..

Shown in the above picture is a hero from Dota 2, (Crystal Maiden), denying a creep, an option that does not exist in League of Legends and is consequently the biggest divider between the two games? With the ability to deny through a simple push of a button, the player limits the opposing hero to half of the regular XP and Gold earned from enemy creeps. This one ability alone can make or break ether team if performed with precision and skilful planning. Through denying, it is possible to cause an enemy to drastically drop several levels below yourself, a hero can also anti-push a lane, to draw the enemy heroes under the tower and open for a Gank by other team members. These are but a few simple techniques achievable through denying, which is without a doubt the biggest gap between Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Many players or spectators of the games would likely and willingly agree:

The two are almost the same game.

In the creation of League of Legends, Riot games hired many of the original creators of DotA which is why both games are very similar yet still different. This could also be the source of the war between the two.

So there we have it, a partial answer to an often asked question. The games Dota 2 and League of Legends are in most ways the same game obviously due to the creators of both, but different in some, otherwise why couldn’t we just play both?

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